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I first began studying nutrition in 2006, and I now have a diploma in Natural Nutrition (DNN) from the College of Natural Nutrition. I am registered with the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP).

I am also a practising homeopath, and I have a certificate in Advanced Counselling skills.

Currently, as well as practising Nutrition and homeopathy full-time, I teach and supervise 3rd and 4th year students of the South Downs School of Homeopathy (SDSH) in Chichester.

I have three daughters, and live with my partner Irma in Reigate. I have lived here in Surrey since 1986.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is natural nutrition?

Natural nutrition is a truly holistic approach to healing that works with diet and techniques to create freedom and movement within all levels of the individual.

It recognises disease as a powerful and positive opportunity for change and development.

Rather than treating areas or symptoms in isolation, natural nutrition treats the whole person, restoring a state of balance and clarity, so that the body may then correct its own symptoms.

It looks at our body's responsiveness to natural rhythms and cycles at cellular level.

Natural nutrition is about giving us back control of our own health, enabling us to see and feel what is going on and respond accordingly.

It provides the tools, knowledge and inspiration to support, rather than suppress, the body's own healing methods.

Who can benefit?

Those who are in good health already, and those who are looking to improve their health.

Men, women and children of all ages, including those approaching or experiencing puberty, menopause and other times of change.

Individuals with acute and chronic conditions.

Individuals who feel stuck or sluggish on any level.

Individuals seeking greater clarity and understanding of their own picture.

What is the process?

In the first consultation, a full case history is taken, so together we can start to recognise patterns and understand the current picture and how it has developed.

Over the next few sessions, we develop a personalised programme, involving dietary and naturopathic recommendations that reduce stress and free up the body's routes of elimination.

We identify foods that present a challenge or stress to the system, and foods that are more appropriately matched to the individual.

We work with water, oils and techniques, recommending supplements only where necessary and when the body is ready to receive them.

We monitor the rate and type of response to the changes being made, bringing the body to a place where it is nourished, not overwhelmed, by the nutrients we give it.

How you can benefit?

  • Improvement and of physical symptoms and conditions through dealing with the underlying causes.
  • Greater clarity and understanding of your health.
  • More energy, vitality and motivation.

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